Different Things to Do in Penang

Published: 09th June 2010
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Having taken the step of travelling to somewhere like Malaysia for your holidays it is probably pretty obvious that you are a person who appreciates things a little different. Not for your the straightforward option of sitting on a beach in Greece or of whiling away hours watching rain pour down the window of a Welsh holiday cottage, you want to get out there and see something truly unique and memorable - and why shouldn't you?

Penang in Malaysia is renowned with those seasoned travellers who appreciate the finer things in life as one of the most fun, different and memorable destinations that there is on earth. The country's heritage of south east Asian flavour mixed with the years of British colonial rule lend a truly unusual vibe to the place. Architectures clash, foods are mixed and truly special, shopping is shopping but hey - you can't have everything. That said even the shopping locations in Penang are rather different from what you might be used to back home. You can spend as much or as little as you like on accommodation here too, with Penang being home to some fine quality places to stay as well as offering a good choice of cheap Penang hotels.

When it comes to different things to do on holiday and to keep the inquisitive mind occupied, there are no end of choices to be had. Many visitors to Penang who have been at least once and often a number of times recommend a walk across the imposing Penang bridge as one way to get an unusual feel for the place. The bridge is the largest of its kind in the whole of Asia and is quite a testament to the vision and skill of the engineers who built it. Connecting the island of Penang with the mainland, the name of which is Seberang, a walk across the bridge affords the visitor not only great exercise and a chance to appreciate the engineers' skill, but also quite spectacular ocean views.

We mentioned shopping earlier, and while it may not be everyone's idea of a relaxing holiday activity, there are ways to do it in Penang which still give you a feeling of being somewhere unique. There are the market and bazaar areas around which you will quite easily be able to find a cheap Penang hotel to stay in, but for a truly different shopping experience it is worth checking out KOMTAR Tower. Situated in the heart of George Town this is Penang's largest structure and is home to an 11-floor shopping mall which due to its elevation offers quite amazing views of the city out of its windows. Buying your souvenirs and keepsakes hundreds of feet in the air is quite a memorable experience.

South east Asia is of course also renowned for its waterfalls, and Penang boasts one of the best examples in the region. Located to the west coast of Penang island the visitor can find the quite stunning Air Terjun Titi Kerawang waterfall, home to not just cascading fountains of water which take your breath away but also fine examples of natural Malaysian flora and fauna. Butterflies and lizards can be spotted and photographed while the keen birdwatcher can expect to see some great examples of local feathered friends here.

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