The Nightlife Scene of Cebu

Published: 24th September 2010
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Eating Out

Filipinos love to eat and the people of Cebu are no exception. The city boasts an incredible range of restaurants, which cover a number of different culinary styles from traditional Filipino dishes to Thai, Chinese and even Italian. As in many Asian countries, rice is the staple of any traditional Filipino meal, although dishes here tend to be much less spicy than in many of the neighbouring countries. Excellent restaurants can be found all over the city and many stay open until the bars and pubs close.


Those who like to shop until they drop will be in their element in Cebu as the city features a wide range of shopping options. Modern shopping malls have become all the rage in recent years and usually consist of several floors packed with branches of leading outlets. Some of the busiest shopping malls in the city include SM City Cebu, which is actually the largest mall to grace Cebu, while other popular options include Mango Square, Robinson,s Mall and Cebu Parkmall. The city also boasts a number of regular markets as well as independent shops.


Cebu has a large number of vibrant nightclubs to choose from, many of which stay open until dawn. Your resort in Cebu will probably have its own nightclub, and tunes are often spun by international DJs. Clubbing in Cebu is the perfect way to let off a little steam and people from all walks of life gather in the city,s hottest venue to gyrate on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

Bikini bars

Aimed at male expats with plenty of cash to throw around, Cebu,s bikini bars feature a large number of beautiful Filipino women dressed in bikinis. While the atmosphere in these bars is certainly sexy, sex is not necessarily on the menu here as many of the city,s residents simply visit bikini bars in order to relax and unwind after work. Bikini bars are easily to distinguish from Cebu,s other bars and visitors who are not interested in this form of entertainment can simply walk on by without any trouble.

Live music

Those who love to listen to live music in the even will find that they really are spoilt for choice in Cebu as many of the city,s bars, pubs and restaurants host live bands. Cover bands are a popular part of the city,s nightlife scene and seem to find their way into a large number of venues, and these talented entertainers are skilled at keeping the atmosphere light and energy charged. Those who are into jazz and blues music should head on over Jazz n Bluz, which attracts a large number of visiting musicians.

The theatre

Culture vultures will want to take in a little highbrow entertainment at one of Cebu,s excellent theatres - your hotel in Cebu will be able to direct you to the nearest one. While there are a large number of different theatres to choose from, many visitors to Cebu opt to take in a performance at the Teatro Junquera, as this is the oldest theatre in the whole of the city. Innocencio Junquera built this magnificent theatre in 1896 and music performances as well as plays are held here regularly.

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