Top things to do in Guangzhou after dark

Published: 19th July 2010
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However long you are visiting and wherever your hotel, Guangzhou is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that comes alive at night. There are endless things to do after dark and night owls can take their pick of activities from cheap pool halls and bowling alleys through the dining out and clubbing.

Here is a look at the top five bars in Guangzhou:

1. CK Bar

2. Africa Bar

3. Amigo

4. Partyworld

5. Cave Bar

Here is a look at the top five clubs in Guangzhou:

1. Baby Face

2. Club Tang

3. Golf Club

4. 23 Club

5. House Disco

Here is a look at the top five restaurants in Guangzhou:

1. Sihai Restaurant

2. Taotaoju Restaurant

3. Di Matteo

4. Les Trois Gros

5. Banana Leaf Curry

Food, drink, singing and more...

The architecture here gets a whole new feel to it by night as many of the streets are well lit with fairly lights and candles giving it a romantic glow. The streets are often busy at night and there are many places to grab some late night snacks from fast food joints such as MacDonald's to local food vendors selling freshly cooked food very cheaply. The late night scene is fairly young here with many students choosing to spend endless nights in the city drinking and dancing the night away.

As well as normal bars and pubs, there are a few Irish pubs to choose from in Guangzhou including the popular Hooley's that can be found on the bottom floor of the Bing Hua Hotel. Karaoke is extremely popular and Amigo and Partyworld are two of the most popular. Accommodation Guangzhou has located close to the main party areas are well worth paying out for to avoid travelling around late at night.

The infamous Bar Street is located in a district called Fangcun and can be found just a short distance from the Pearl River in the heart of the city centre. Seafood and barbecues can be had here as well as many bars and pubs. Some of the city's clubs are very westerised and offer their clientele a swanky night out. Music varies but classic disco combined with a little techno twist is really popular in Asia and Guangzhou is no different.

There are a few great discos found between Ouzhuang and Dongshan and many of the late night clubs are frequented by local Chinese but the bars are aimed at an expat and tourist crowd. Dinner cruises along the Pearl River are popular and vary on price and standards depending on your tastes and budgets. The city can be seen from a unique perspective from the river and is a great way to spend a few hours in the evening while enjoying a meal and some drinks.

Restaurants range from international foods to local dishes and everything from tasty Italian through to authentic Chinese can be had here. There are some fine French eateries in Guangzhou that are aimed at international tourists and they serve up great food with a fine wine list with prices that reflect the quality. Cheaper dining can be done in local restaurants that specialise in everything from burgers to sweet and sour dishes.

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